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There are new colors in town! Though it’s not the “newest” new per se, the Sainte Marie Soft Clutch is still such a breathe of fresh air with its modern and updated version.

This Goyard clutch is special since it is unlike any other we’ve seen, it offers several illusions to feed your fancies. First the Saigon Mini has taken the fashion world by storm, it is now Sainte Marie’s turn to steal the spotlight and be the highlight of Goyard’s new chapter of the Illusions video trilogy.

A reinterpretation of an original design from Maison’s archives, the latest Saint Marie Soft Clutch pays homage to Goyard’s storied heritage with a unique panache for a minimalist kick.

Made from part-Goyardine (Goyard’s iconic coated canvas) and part-graiGoyard-Sainte-Marie-Soft-Clutch-13

undeniable appeal, the Sainte Marie Soft Clutch also features practicality as it has two large outside pockets and a zipped inner compartment that can hold all your daily essentials.

If you’ll look closer, you can actually notice that the clutch opens with a zipper!

Check with the Goyard SA for the style code, sizes and prices.
















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It looks like the House of Chanel is going to re-live the glorious days of the famous Chanel Reissue 2.55, a bag personally designed by Coco Chanel herself. It’s the classic flap bag that never goes out of style, talk about creating lasting impression in the fashion world.

History has it that sometime in the 1920’s, Coco was fed up of carrying her handbags in her arms so she decided to design her own handbag that freed up her hands. Finding inspiration on soldiers’ bags, she found an ingenious way to add thin straps and introduced this timeless bag to the public in 1929. The said bag made its triumphant comeback in 1954 and Chanel further updated the said handbag. The finished product is now known as the 2.55 Bag named after the date of its creation, February 1955.

Karl Lagerfeld, the brains behind Chanel reintroduced the 2.55 Flap Bag and later became known as the ‘Reissue’. Apparently, Chanel is going to introduce a new line of bags that require appreciable technical expertise in treating the leather which gradually acquires a patina that gives each bag its unique appeal. Voila! And now you have the Reissue 2.55 bag in soft leather.

Now let’s take a good look at the new Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag in Soft Leather. At first glance, it looks quite the same with the original bag but looking closer, there’s actually more to see. The new 2.55 bag’s bottom is crafted in red/burgundy color and if you really pay close attention to details, you’ll definitely appreciate the added elegant chain which more looks like a necklace’s chain to us. These are new changes that Chanel lovers would undoubtedly be smitten with.





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Soft Stirrup Gucci presents a new series of handbags

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Gucci is pleased to present Soft Stirrup bag series, a supple sense of the Gucci handbags attention stirrup shape accentuates the series. Spurs shape to the theme of the design, the Gucci tradition of equestrian out of focus, and with the creative director Frida Giannini’s 2012 romantic and eclectic embraced early autumn series, a new generation of classic.


Series inspired by 1975′s strong frame style, with high availability and irregular shape for the glory. Shoulder bags light and spacious with large yards and the code are available, for the whole day to carry. Fashion line design, so casual attitude towards life becomes exquisitely.

Spurs iconic shape handbags adorned the opening position, and the handle position places handbags fine shape buckle decorated with the Spurs, the handle is made of brass color tone color to classical silver and light gold.




Series each warm color palette and fine, including: black, light gray, medium brown, dark red carmine, Cocoa and chestnut ice color accurately filled to create a warm feeling.

Soft Stirrup handbags refined precious materials, including denim leather and suede, all-natural, Gucci double-G linen or leather, as well as various special animal skins such as python skin, ostrich skin and alligator etc., and to make suede lining.




The traditional manual techniques developed a variety of precious skin, coupled with exquisite workmanship Gucci master craftsmen, plush texture will become more perfect. Apply a special shine, the crocodile skin becomes very soft; and the old python skin after multiple hot iron and artificial polishing process, showing bright appearance.

The new Soft Stirrup Gucci handbag is perfect and eternal symbol of manual techniques, enduring accessories simple in design with stylish and sophisticated. In addition, shoulder bags also reflects the dual concepts Gucci fusion of tradition and innovation.











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Gucci Jackie Soft Tote Bag

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Before we go into the details, let’s us sum up what we want to say: ‘The Gucci Jackie Soft Collection is absolutely, without a single doubt, to-die-for’. Period!

Last week we featured the Gucci Jackie Shoulder Bag, our community went crazy; they were in love, their shopping spree obsession started to tickle and we couldn’t stop them.

But forget about the quilted bags, the Gucci Jackie Soft Tote is inspired by the Classic Gucci Jackie Bag. It’s timeless, it’s perfect and how great it will be to have such a beautiful piece in our wardrobe.

Beautified with piston closure, the Gucci signature is crafted on the center. Made with silver hardware, unlined and refined with hand painted edges. Whether you choose the small or the large size, it has a gentle curved shape.

Carry this tote in the Fall, flaunt it in the Winter, and pair it with your cozy jacket, just wonderful! Small size is measured 12.6’ x 8.7’ x 4.9’ (W x H x D) inches, the medium size is measured 17.3’ x 12.2’ x 6.3’ (W x H x D) inches, both are crafted in Italy. The small size also comes with a shoulder strap.



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Chanel Soft Elegance Flap Bag

December is approaching; I want to decorate our Christmas tree with lights and baubles and I can’t wait until the snow starts to drop. Jingle bell, Jingle bell, the feeling of Christmas is so right. And if you’ve been a good girl this year, expect something big under the tree. If your loved ones haven’t decided yet what to buy, perhaps you can drop a hint or two. It’s always better to open a gift that you love and need, right? Well, let us give you an idea that we belief will definitely suit your taste; from Chanel’s new fall and winter collection, there’s another flap bag released, it’s called the Chanel Soft Elegance flap bag.


Hmm… I wonder where it got its name Soft and Elegance? Compare it to the Chanel classic flap bag and you will notice that the soft elegance flap is more squared and structured from the exterior. I couldn’t belief this, but the bottom half section of the flap is embellished with soft leather instead of quilted finishing, it actually makes the design more elegant and neat. And it also makes it possible for the Chanel CC logo to be bigger than what you’ve been used to. Looking from the side, the soft Elegance flap is made of three interior pockets, quite similar to the design of the Celine trio bag, making it easier to structure your essentials and better to navigate your stuff. The exterior is also embellished with a large back pocket secured with a snap closure. This is truly a beautiful bag for casual and chic events, a timeless piece that can easily match any outfit.

For the f/w 13 release, this bag will be available in black, burgundy, green and brown. There will be two styles available and each in two sizes. The flap bags will be available in medium and jumbo size. The totes will be available in large and medium. The prices?

Chanel soft elegance flap bag in medium (Style code: A66413): $3,400 USD
Chanel soft elegance flap bag in jumbo size (Style code: A66414): $3,900 USD, €2.700 EUR
Chanel soft elegance tote bag in medium (Style code: A66415): $3,600 USD
Chanel soft elegance tote bag in large (Style code: A66416): $4,000 USD

I am not sure whether you will be asking the Chanel soft elegance bag for Christmas, but I do know that you want to follow us so you can get informed about the latest Chanel bags releases. So click on theFacebook like on the right side bar, thanks for your support!

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Celebrities Wearing New Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit, New Lv Bags Cheap Sale

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Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit BagsOriginally debuted in 1958, Louis Vuitton Classic Lockit again available in soft edition in the year of 2014. Since Lockit LV bags looks great and very convenience to carry, there is a list celebrities are taking to it on the street like Reese Witherspoon and Karlie Kloss.

2014 New Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit first seen in LV’s Spring Summer campaign with Michelle Williams, with the Veau Cachemire materiel provide a sunning appearance with a distinctive, ladylike feel. Reese Witherspoon carrying a brand new bright Pink LV Soft Lockit bag when she leaving The Ivy in Santa Monic after it just release a week time. Karlie Kloss also keep her Pastel Pink Soft Lockit LV bag in public. Both Reese and Karlie already wearing the latest new lv bags 2014 on the cloche, but there is still no word on price and availability to the public yet. However, you still can shop real lv bags 2014 at our site for more latest new models.


Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag


Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit For Sale

 Karlie Kloss Carry the New LV Soft Lockit

Karlie Kloss Carry the New LV Soft Lockit

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