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The Replica Fendi Baguette bag series is arguably one of the earliest it bag of the leader, by a lot of star ladies and welcome the influx of people. Taking advantage of the occasion to create a 15-year Fendi bag, Fendi Baguette Bags Replica launched a new mini-bag style, natural color is the highlight, but the fabric from smooth calfskin tempting to pile fabrics feel great, compact, colorful is undoubtedly the most impressive of it! Baguette bag into the tenth year of this year, FENDI Baguette launch a special tenth anniversary edition handbags, ten romantic solid, meaning ten fantasy and creativity, pure and shining decade trend! This may rely on the arm handbag compact, like a French long package, widely welcomed by the market. Has launched a total of more than 1000 different styles and materials designed to become celebrities, popular modern women’s accessories and rare collectibles.

Fendi brand from Italy, is very well-known luxury brands, now mainly engaged in women’s, home, watches, bags and other aspects of the product. Founded in 1925, Fendi Fendi, now and in the LV, Celine, Loewe, Marc Jacobs equivalent part of LVMH group. LOGO is Fendi’s double F shape, and Chanel double C, Gucci’s double G a little meditation. Baguette course not, “rectangle” so simple. United States SiLVia continuous artistic aesthetic vision, enrich the lives of Baguette, did not miss any of the details of a change in color, fabric, elongated, narrow, wide, overweight, 800 has launched a variety of designs. One of the most valuable are the most collectible of 12, in cooperation with the Italian workshop Lisio Foundation, in order to make senior tailor Haute Couture wonderful way to reproduce the ancient art of the Renaissance. For example, with ostrich feathers peacock series spun silk embroidery art Schönbrunn Souls, sophisticated process was completed only four centimeters a day, tentacle like velvety hot posts. Heavenly Spring is the use of embroidery, beaded long tube, elegant and beautiful silk fabrics, launched a charming style of poetry and painting.

Replica Fendi Handbags

October 2007, The Wall was held in commemoration of the Great Wall of China and the bag surface FENDI Baguette tenth anniversary fashion show, squirrels ink painting, hanging with red ear on both sides, is also by far the most striking of a Fendi Baguette. Fendi Baguette image changing, expensive leather fur, whether or touch lines are painfully vivid fibrillation; canvas filled with street elements and rivets, can easily deduce the handsome and dashing. Appears to outline a single Baguette, thus breaking the It Bag staff faced a predicament hit the bag, by the ladies, the stars and the general OL’s perennial favorite. Baguette first year sales exceeded the 100,000, an endless stream of design, but also transformed into an endless supply of orders, demand, decade sold over 60 million.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Fendi Baguette is not only a long-term guest popular series “Sex and the City”, but also to Bag uette half-truths, large and small models to serve as the core theme of the album, and even manipulate the plot development. In one scene, when just ready to friends Carrie and Mr. Big Lunch identity, but was informed that Mr. Big is about to get engaged, angry Carrie angrily grabbed the bag away from the table. When the story is written, Carrie belt hooked stool. Played by Sarah Jessica Parker immediately to “Fashionable” tone of protest, “This is the first out of fashion long strap handbag.” The director and producer was stunned and confused, are wondering to change the script. Unexpectedly, after a few days, Sarah Jessica Parker has brought a new Fendi Baguette, said:. “No problem, you can play up, Fendi out of the long strap” cast members all cheered “Hallelujah thanks Fendi! ! “” just holding Florence factory shipped new handbags that moment, I always can not help but get excited. “Silvia chatted handbag making process,” the United States was somewhat stunned, some of us thought it would be popular in retail market is disappointed. this is what we have to face unexpected. “in 2007, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the birth of Baguette, launched a series of fluorescent color and” DIY “version presumptuous let Baguette fans play a compensation wish. Artist Series series, invited artists in the United States, by the local ten man acting as star guests and fashion designer in Hong Kong. Baguette successful model, prompting Fendi launched like dumplings like Spy, long with two big eyes like cartoon B Bag, from plain calfskin, the dazzling color python leather handbag fans always bring a sense of joy striking. “In Rome, there are so many worthy of historical study, and get to the bottom to explore the future of Rome is also changing. From the perspective of history and art, is always welcome, but we also feel it is time to take the next step up . ”

Replica Fendi Handbags

2009 spring and summer, Replica Fendi Handbags presented the latest Icon Bag “Peekaboo”, timeless ladder, the “simplicity” is defined as a new avant-garde fashion, loosely soft contours, but also expose free and easy charm. Silvia description: “handbag outer material to be practical, it actually contains magnificent luxury choice of materials, constitute an interesting contrast.” Peekaboo has a simple lock-sided, one way or another faction when end, but outside of the can and a half vertical stack of semi-open, showing off the unique design lined with contrast color inlay decoration, no deduction is not locked posture, very enjoyable. Similarly Peekaboo has a variety of attractive colors and materials, including white alligator, black patent leather, lace, tactile and sparse thin woven linen, etc., each have an inner lining surprises. As of the year Birkin in Hermès, since Peekaboo booking Milan debut, around the world single avalanche flooded into the region. “Baguette for Fendi, like the Normandy campaign for the Americans, is a historic victory. And Peekaboo fame is a new starting point.” If we say, Fendi as a fashion house, mediocre performance, at least Silvia and her handbag consolidate the army will always Fendi’s country. Style introduction: Fendi’s Baguette baguettes long been one of the brand’s signature style, especially after the “Sex and City” swept, by the characters of Sarah Jessica Parker’s style, Fendi Baguette appearance rate is very high, was also in town Popular styles. Time flies, an instant classic Fendi Baguette bag has been introduced only celebrates 15 years. To commemorate this classic Fendi bag, KARL LAGERFELD designs, including T-shirts, bracelets, key chains and numerous colorful, including a series of baguette handbags, Fendi direct sale at the official website. And even find some limited edition, vintage edition Baguette open in October this temporary site, worth a visit.

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