Miu Miu: Make Music With The Miu Miusic App

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Quite possibly a world’s first, Italian fashion house Miu Miu will soon unveil theirMiu Miusic app, where users (that’s you and me) can delve deeper into the shape-shifting world of Miu Miu with, you could say, an MTV of sorts, designed by users themselves.

Made complete with customised graphics which include creative imagery, RTW looks and accessories from the current season, there’s even a soundtrack created specially for Miu Miu by DJ Frédéric Sanchez which you include while making your own videos, which then can be saved and shared on your own social media platforms.

The app, which is set to be released later in the day, can be used and downloaded to iOS, Android and Windows devices which also means most everyone can join in the fun and make music with Miu Miu. More updates to come, but for now, do check out this cool video to see how you can make your own music.

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Miu Miu Leather Totes: The Comeback

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Miu Miu Leather Totes

What a great new shape for Miu Miu! Their entire Spring ’15 collection feels simultaneously nostalgically thrown-back in spirit yet so fresh, so invigorated. Which basically sums up this latest leather tote. There is definitely something familiar about this shape, almost comfortingly so, but it’s hard to articulate. It’s not exactly vintage, and it’s got a slight ’90s vibe, although I can’t quite put my finger on why.

The conclusion is…who cares?! I love it, and when you love something, you don’t always need to get to the root of your affinity. But I will explain it. The tapered top not only sets up a triangular structure, it gives the bag a real sense of distinction. And don’t fret over the possibility of bottlenecking. This tote opens up wide, so that won’t happen here. All that’s left to do is decide whether you want the oversized weave, which actually feels a bit Cole Haan-esque (and not in the greatest way) but does add more textural interest, or to go with smooth, all-black leather for ultimate versatility

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Miu Miu x Swarovski Jewels Collection

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Two days more to go and it’s finally Christmas, yeah! I know most of you are still preparing for the event, perhaps you still need to buy some more groceries or Christmas lights to enhance the sphere. And I also happen to know that some of you belong to the last-minutes folks who still need to buy a gift for your best friend. Well, if you are stuck and can’t think of a nice gift then take a look at Miu Miu x Swarovski’s jewelrycollection, they are as fine as diamonds.


Our hand-picked selections are to-die-for. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous pair of earrings, any woman needs them and so, Miu Miu’s dangle earrings enriched with Swarovski Crystal stones and pearls clips on the back will certainly put a smile on any friends face. It’s finished with shiny palladium and nickel-free; the design feels young and eye-catching.

Then we purposely picked the Miu Miu Bracelet with Plexiglas and micro-cast jewel element attached in Cherry-red and Jelly-green colors. Embellished with Swarovski crystal-stones to uplift the value and it make an impression for anyone who wears it around her wrist.

Another accessory that we can’t take our eyes off is the flower bracelet with pearls and Swarovski crystal embellished. The colors are breath-taking and the shiny effects create a statement, above all it feels feminine and tremendously chic.

And for the prices; earrings €290, bracelet plexiglas €730, bracelet flower pearls/swarovski €410, necklace €500. At Miu Miu e-store.

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Zoe Kazan Chooses Miu Miu Sneakers for the Red Carpet

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Zoe Kazan Miu Miu Metallic Cap Toe Slip-On Sneakers

Actress Zoe Kazan recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of What If in a pair of Miu Miu Cap-Toe Slip-On Sneakers. Casual slip-ons are an interesting choice for any red carpet, but I think Zoe pulls it off here. Frankly, I find it refreshing to see a little variety during a long summer full of single-soled sandals. You can find Zoe’s exact sneakers.

Zoe very much looks the part of “young, fresh new Hollywood ingenue,” but she’s actually been getting steady work in films since 2007. Her new flick What If is a rom-com (of sorts) that also serves as a send-up to the genre itself. Daniel Radcliffe plays her friend and potential love interest.

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Love it or Leave it: The Heeled Rain Boot by Miu Miu

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Miu Miu Cap Toe Rain Boot

Rain boots are having a bit of a moment. A very strong moment, you could say, but definitely a moment. Unlike seasons ago, rain boots are now a chic, sought-after staple, and fashionable rain boots are certainly in demand. It’s hard to walk down a rainy NYC street without seeing a pair of Hunter boots, or any kind of rubber rain boots. Luxury designers have also jumped on the rain boot bandwagon, and leave to Miu Miu to excite us (or revolt us) with these high heeled rain boots.

The patent-leather-and-rubber design of these Miu Miu rain boots is definitely an interesting one. The drawstring nylon upper, rubber cap toe and patent leather heel give this rain boot a futuristic appeal. I never thought I would like a rain boot like this, but I have to say I’m smitten! The heel isn’t too high to make this an impractical choice in the rainy weather, and the thick rubber sole will keep me grounded, even if I step (or jump) in a puddle or two.

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Miu Miu 2013 summer new colorful bag models

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Colorful summer handbags to popular, it is not easy, but Miu Miu always able to do this. In the new shopping bags with a variety of colors, so that re-interpretation of female beauty, will also be a beautiful summer on its head once again, the material on to a unique style of the new Madras leather handbags imaginative, and then made a special decorative material to highlight the durability of materials and yet very soft texture, the color, such as the use of more kaleidoscope kaleidoscopic, for any mix of clothing it is always easy to grasp.

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