Lines and colors of the new series of perfect collision Longchamp 2016

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Longchamp 2016 Pénélope spring launched a new series, the series combines the unique style and exquisite Longchamp leather craft, launched a new series of two charming spring new color: luxury terracotta and elegant gray sand. Pénélope Fantaisie new series is a perfect interpretation of Longchamp distinctive style and craftsmanship.


New PénélopeFantaisie series clever use of classic black lines and bright indigo collision, so that both sports and fashion bag models this markedly luxurious texture. Inspired by Klein and Buren two masters of art: in this top Spanish small public cowhide trim package, the package belt and tassel design aspects of the use of the graphic modern art, highlighting its sporty styling, highlight fashion and leisure the perfect fusion. New Pénélope ultimate achievement timeless classic series of fantasy!

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Longchamp Le Pliage Luggage

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Dive into this article to know how extended the famous ‘Le Pliage’ collection actually is. From totes to shoulders and if you are a fan, even in suitcases.

Le Pliage is unique because it’s crafted from ultra light nylon canvas, the design is stylish and strong at the same time. The tote version is available in all-kind-of sizes and colors, there is certainly one that you will love. And if not, customize one, Longchamp has introduced a new site for everyone to have their Le Pliage bag personalized.

The lighter the luggage, the more you are allowed to take in the airplane. The design is not screaming for attention either, unlike the Louis Vuitton version, which will avoid from people trying to steal your belongings.

The interior is well-designed, an enormous space is at your disposal with two-side zip pocket on the top. Measuring 14 ¼ x 21 ¾ x 9 ½ inches, one is all that you need. Available in four colors; black, chocolate-brown, clay and Fuchsia for the most fashionable look. You can also have your own Le Pliage luggage customized. 

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