Dior D-Bee And D-Fence Bag Collection

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Dior D Bee Mini Saddle Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag Collection

Dior D-Bee and D-Fence bag has bee embossed and CD initials. The logo of the bee is always associated with Dior Homme, but for the latest collection of Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri have been included in women’s accessories. Dior D-Bee and D-Fence bag is part of the collections Spring Summer 2017. Dior D-Bee is equipped with two bags and saddle-style Shopper. Dior D-Fence style Saddle bag comes in, which is available in two sizes. It has a wide shoulder strap can be customised. The bag can be carried on the shoulder or the entire body. Here below is a collection of Dior D-Bee and D-Fence bag.

Dior D Fence Mini Saddle Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag CollectionDior Red D Bee Shopper Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag CollectionDior White D Bee Shopper Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag CollectionDior White D Fence Saddle Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag CollectionDior Black D Bee Shopper Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag CollectionDior Black D Fence Saddle Bag Dior D Bee and D Fence Bag Collection

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If you’ve been following BRAGMYBAG so far, you already know that Dior has just released the Dior Cannage Stitched Backpack. If you haven’t, then check it out here: Dior Cannage Stitched Backpack Details.

Though not much information has been published on the web yet, we still want to show you two more variation of this backpack.

The first one is the Dior Cannage Stitched Sequin Backpack in bi-color. This backpack is partly adorned with the iconic Cannage Stitching in black. But the flaps are embellished with beautiful multicolor sequins. Then for the refinement, the handle and the buckle straps are painted in baby blue. So now you have three colors in one. What do you think?


Let’s move to the next one. Here’s something that you have to love. Again, the bag is partly made in Cannage Stitching, but the flap is adorned with multicolor little flowers and it’s perfect for the summer. The handle and the bucket straps are both painted in red. This bag will certainly attract some attention.



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Dior Nano Lady Dior

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If you’re a regular visitor to Dior’s online site, you won’t find these bags under the women’s section. Instead, you’ll find them in the baby section, more specifically, under girls’ bags. Yes, these are the Nano Lady Dior bags made specially just for the little ones, tiny renditions of the full scale ones you find for the big girls in the boutique. Measuring just 14 cm by 12 cm by 6 cm (which makes it just slightly larger than a compact disc case, for example), these tiny gems are all lambskin and come in the season’s sweetest hues, from Silver to Pink and Blue, which you’ll see above.

Made available with an adjustable leather sling, the other clincher for me are those tone-on-tone charms, also ‘wrapped’ in lambskin leather for a finish that’s both girly and fun. Priced from SGD3300 and up (it is still a Lady Dior, after all), you’ll only find these in very limited quantities at the Baby Dior boutique in Marina Bay Sands.

Yes, the young ones do have it all these days, don’t they.

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Hmmm, how do we begin to describe the Diorissimo Trio Pass-Mo line of small leather goods? Practical and stylish are the best we can come up, although we feel that both words are an understatement (really). Craftsmanship and good taste are evident with these funky coin case charms, and you’re actually getting more than what you signed-up for! Trust Dior to surprise and shower you with just a bit more love than you’d expect.

The Trio Pass-Mo Coin Case Charm is a triple treat – this utility bag in smooth calfskin is adorned with an embroidered badge, and comes with three removable elements (a card holder for the black variation or mobile phone case that’s iPhone 6 compatible for the blue one, zipped purse and small envelope pocket with press closure). It’s designed to carry your essentials in style, and you’ll never have to fumble with your credit cards and coins again with this baby. Works like a charm any day, and it’s very cute!

Both styles are priced at €620 EUR, and are available at the Dior e-store.






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More Dior Fall / Winter 2015 Bags and Europe Price Increase on Diorama

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Here are more bag styles from Dior’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. This includes the iconic Lady Dior, Diorama Flap, Be Dior and Diorissimo bags. This season’s newest colors are bold and bright such as the Bleu de Minuit and Green. The Be Dior Flap Bag is made available in Mirrored Python, while the Diorissimo Tote comes in Calfskin leather with Ayers handles.

Check out some of this season‘s handbags with its prices in Euro. It seems that Dior has increased its prices on the Diorama Flap Bag this September, as the regular size used to retail for €2,600.00, but now the bag is priced at €2,750.00. More on information on the recent price increase, as soon as it becomes available.

Dior FW 2015 – Part 1

Lady Dior



Dior Lambskin Lady Dior Bag €3,200.00




Dior Grained Calfskin Diorama Flap Bag €2,750.00
Dior Lambskin Diorama Flap Bag €2,750.00

Be Dior



Dior Python Be Dior Small Flap Bag €4,900.00
Dior Three-Tone Dior Be Dior Small Flap Bag €3,500.00
Dior Three-Tone Be Dior Mini Flap Bag €3,000.00




Dior Calfskin/Ayers Diorissimo Bag €4,000.00
Dior Bullcalf Diorissimo Bag €3,400.00


Source: Dior

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How To Spot A Fake Lady Dior Handbag

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Today I want to tell you all about Lady Dior replica handbags and how you can spot a fake Lady Dior purse from an authentic bag. I consider that this is a very essential piece of information for my readers because by the day, replica manufacturers are getting better and better at making genuine looking Dior purses. Not long ago, spotting a fake was super easy, but these days replica bags are mirror images of the authentic products and you got to be an expert to know how to identify an imitation…or to simply read the below guide for spotting a Lady Dior replica handbag.

how to spot a fake lady diorThere are so many people online who sell fake Lady Dior Bags for a couple thousand dollars claiming that these are the real thing. Most often, shopper fall for it and end up paying a small fortune for a product that isn’t worth more than $100. This happens because buyers do not know how to recognize a Dior replica handbag. Well, no more of this nonsense because I am prepared to fix this right now!

lady dior bags

The thing is that exact replicas are difficult to spot. These are so well made that when you look at it, you are positive that it is the authentic Lady Dior purse. Usually a basic and thorough comparison between the genuine product and the replica will clear things up. How much does it cost such an exact Lady Dior replica bag? The usual price for it varies between $250 and $700, depending on the online store where you buy it. If you haven’t bought a fake purse before and you need more information for understanding what are the main things you should compare between a replica Lady Dior and the real product there here you have some useful tips.

lady dior replica handbags

Quilting- Comparison is the key here

Compare the replica with the original bag. You can use pictures of the genuine product if you don’t have access to the real Lady Dior purse. The shape of the quilting is very important and it is considered one of the best ways of determining how authentic a Dior bag is. See how bulge the quilting really is. Can you see any irregularities or flaws in the stitching? Regardless if the bag is very used and has flat quilting or if it comes in flat cannage stitching and does have the iconic Dior quilting, you can still use the quality of the stitching to see if the bag is a cheap replica or an authentic looking one. Try to count each space and column to see the difference, check the bottom and sides to see where the stitching starts and ends. But the overall appearance of the quilting is enough to tell you how genuine a Lady Dior fake looks. This should have a beautiful elegance, one that impresses your sight.

lady dior fake handbags

Heat embossed stamp

Over the years, Dior has changed numerous times its embossed stamp. Normally, a heat embossed stamp has written on one side Christian Dior Paris and on the other side the date code. The company uses a clear ink that matches the hardware used on the Lady Dior handbag. This stamp needs to be clearly printed and without any faded portions. You usually need to turn around the strip to see the date code. No matter how good the replica will be, there will still be a visible difference between the stamp of the original purse and of the replica one. The date code helps you see if the particularities of the bag match with the designs that were manufactured during that specific year. If the Lady Dior is similar to the style manufactured by the brand in a completely different year then you will know that it is a poorly made fake. Another very useful tip is to take a look at the stitching on the leather tab and compare it to the flawless stitching of authentic purses.

red lady dior

Verify the lining of the bag.

There are numerous types of lining used for Lady Dior bags as the company changes the color, print and material of the lining from a year to the other. This is done as to make things difficult for replica manufacturers who are trying to constantly copy Dior purses. Particular types of lining are specific for certain Lady Dior versions and these should be compared to the date code that is heat embossed on the product. For instance, before 2005 most Lady Dior handbags were made with cannage lining so these should have a date code of 2005 for earlier. If you see a date code of 2013 on a purse with cannage lining then that product is clearly a replica.

lady dior black

Don’t forget about the handles

The handles of the Lady Dior handbag should be shaped slightly triangular with a semi-circular bent. Even though this sounds difficult to replicate, fake manufacturers have already found a way of copying this style of handles. My advice to you is to take a closer look at the space between the base and where the rounding of the handles start, and at the quality of the stitching. The space around and between the edges is important to examine. There is a big aesthetic difference between what you will see on a Lady Dior replica bag and what you will see on the authentic purse.

how to spot lady dior fakes

Do not ignore the power of the above advices. These guidelines are crucial when it comes to buying aLady Dior handbag online. Research is very important before placing an order on the Internet otherwise you may end up wasting your hard earned money on a cheap fake bag. After all, even it is just a couple hundred dollars, it is still your money and you should spend it wisely on a good quality Lady Dior purse that will complement your outfits and look real. You don’t want to look foolish in front of everyone you know just because you didn’t do your homework and you made the mistake of buying a cheap Lady Dior replica handbag online.

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