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There are countless of reasons why we should invest in the Chanel Camellia Quilted Enamel CC Case from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. The truth cannot be seen far away, because from distance the leather looks like aged calfskin. But when you get closer and closer, we will be surprised! It’s a new type of quilting.

The Design


So what kind of new type of quilting is that? Well, it’s one of the house’s iconic symbols – the camellia flower quilting. It’s a new invention because we have never seen small-sized camellia’s lined up next to each other and embellished all over the bag. It’s just like the diamond quilting, but then no diamonds, with camellia. Get it?

There is a second reason why we should invest into this Case. It’s because of the Enamel CC Logo. This logo looks contemporary as it’s crafted in the same color as the bag, refined with light gold hardware on the edges.

This Case can be used to store cosmetics or carried as an evening pouch. And we don’t have to worry about constant baby-ing this handbag as it’s crafted from grained calfskin. So what do you think?

The Interior


The interior is made with a main compartment to help organize our make-up essentials or to store evening essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Style code A70309, measuring 4.5’ x 2’ x 5.9’ inches, priced at $5700 HKD, $700 USD, $905 CAD, €620 EUR, £550 GBP, $1060 SGD, $1030 AUD, 2830 MYR.

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Haven’t you heard? There is a new pouch in town to compete with the Chanel O Case. We are not sure whether it can win the battle, but we do know that this new pouch has a long way to go. Introducing the Chanel Front Pocket Pouches from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. Perhaps this pouch will only be available for this season, if so, do you think it’s investable?

The Design


It’s a brand-new pouch because the design is totally different than anything we’ve seen in the past. First, it’s crafted in curvy shape, you can see this clearly on the side. The leather feels more flexible than the O Cases and it might be able to store a bit more items. The front is made with an exterior pocket for easy access to instant essentials. Then it’s finished with a decorated zipper in shiny hardware for closing.

The front also features the CC logo, but is that enough to sway our hearts?

Made from grained calfskin, the interior is colored in burgundy, which an iconic shade of the house.

The Sizes And Prices

There are two sizes available, the small and medium. Here are the details:

Chanel Small Pouch
Size: 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.6’ inches
Prices: $900 USD, €945 euro, £810 GBP, $1520 SGD, $7600 HKD, $1450 AUD, ¥117720 JPY, ¥4325 CNY, 4700 MYR

Chanel Medium Pouch
Size: 8.5’ x 11.6’ x 1.4’ inches
Prices: $1075 USD, €1050 euro, £910 GBP, $8500 HKD, $1610 AUD, ¥130680 JPY, ¥8300 CNY, 5230 MYR

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Chanel: Living In The Now With The J12 (Part 1)

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Remember that time back in 2014 when Chanel broke all traditions when it came to watch-display codes and launched the L’Instant campaign which focused on the J12’s watch hands not being on the traditional 10:10but rather on 08:10 and 16:30? Clearly showing Chanel’s strength in being bold and taking the first step in showcasing their very special version of time: Time According to Chanel.

Chanel has proved itself in being an industry leader in watchmaking, having won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve for ‘Best Ladies Watch’ for the Premiere Flying Tourbillon back in 2012. And more recently, over at the Eve’s Watch Awards (a dedicated ladies’ watch awards event) in 2016, Chanel took home the coveted ‘Watch of the Year’ for Chanel’s Boy.Friend, making them the one-to-watch (and quite literally too) when it comes down to you making a choice in selecting a classic timepiece.VIDEO: CHANEL

As Time is something that once lost is irreplaceable, the need to keep track of it could not be more important. Thus, what better way to look chic while having a watch on your wrist that has excellent movement such as the now iconic J12?


The J12 is one watch that has captured the hearts of ladies (along with some boys, of course) with its modern and also timeless good looks. Dressed up or down, when it comes to the J12′s signature colours, you must admit how delightfully swish they look. Available in Black or White,both colours also come in options that are jazzed up with diamonds in place of the time indicators. And speaking of diamonds, the J12 extends further with the Exceptional line – a high jewellery watch collection that goes all out, from featuring tourbillon flying skeleton movements to a glorious excess of diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds.

But before you start your new-found obsession with the J12, always remember this. A watch is about more than just keeping time. It functions as your commitment to Time, being responsible to always being on time, and cherishing time as you live in the now, enjoying every single moment of your life. Are you?

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Chanel is taking the lead in creating modern and fashion-forward bag pieces and the bag community couldn’t just get enough of them! Known for its timeless and classic bag craftsmanship, Chanel is testing the waters of the modern on-the-go style and so far it has been doing pretty good. The Boy Chanel Multicolored Python Chevron Bag is one of the too many trendy Chanel bags out there but it deserves a feature of its own.

This Boy Bag channels a retro-glam feel with its vintage design. As you can see, the flap is adorned with exquisite Chevron V quilting in multicolor effect, which gives it a uniquely vibrant personality. Also the Chevron Quilting is designed in luxurious python leather. The sides of the flap on the other hand are in smooth leather, thus balancing the multicolor effect. The signature CC Boy logo in antique silver-tone hardware is placed in the lowest middle part for that instantaneous brand recognition. It also boasts of a chained shoulder strap for easy and effortless shoulder carrying.

This Boy Bag is one of its kinds and will only be available in this season. It’s priced at €6800 euro available at your favorite Chanel boutique.

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Chanel S/S17 ‘Matrix’ Leather Collection

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It’s pretty obvious why I christened this collection from Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection ‘Matrix’, especially if you’re familiar with the movie trilogy and its signature falling letters. Thankfully though, these pieces are not as ominous; instead are made up of letters in blacks, blues, reds and whites contrasted against lambskin leather in either Black or Silver.

And while I’m pretty sure there are more variations than the 5 pieces you see in this post, consider this your starting point. For those looking for larger pieces that function well as clutches, there are the two above which Chanel refers to as ‘pencil cases’. Measuring 35 cm by 24 cm (SGD1370) and 27.5 by 20 cm (SGD1220) respectively for the 2 sizes, it’s definitely more cutesy than classic, and great for those looking for pieces that will actually pop with most anything you wear.


Moving along we have these 3 SLGs, namely a WOC, a long wallet with zip and a coin purse, all in lambskin leather like the former pieces and all printed with the ‘falling’ letters. Priced at SGD2520, SGD1330 and SGD560 respectively, the trio is as straightforward as it gets. Want something that you can wear across the body that also functions as a roomy wallet? Get the WOC. Want something long that can be slipped into your regular work bag? Get the long zipped wallet. And last but not least, a cute coin purse for all your loose change. You just really need to decide, will it be Black, or Silver?

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Chanel launches Gabrielle handbag collectionNew Arrivals: Chanel launches ‘Gabrielle’ handbag collection

Luxury fashion house Chanel is launching a new handbag model for the first time in six years. The ‘Gabrielle’, named after the house’s founder comes in multiple silhouettes. From the Hobo bag to a backpack and large shopping bag, each style features metallic chain details and thin straps. The zippers are detailed with the iconic interlocking C logos. The official campaign stars Kristen Stewart (image above), Cara Delevingne, Caroline de Maigret, and Pharrell Williams. 


Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag in Red, Light Blue and Navy $3,600Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag in Red, Light Blue and Navy $3,600
Take on color blocking with a quilted bag featuring shiny calfskin leather.Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag in Silver $3,600Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag in Silver $3,600
Bag made from crumpled metallic calfskin with silver-tone and gold-tone metal.Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag in Black and White $3,600Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag in Black and White $3,600
Aged calfskin and smooth calfskin makeup up this timeless bag.Chanel Gabrielle Large Hobo Bag $4,000Chanel Gabrielle Large Hobo Bag $4,000
This large handbag features aged calfskin and smooth calfskin with silver-tone and gold-tone metal.Chanel Gabrielle Large Shopping Bag $4,100Chanel Gabrielle Large Shopping Bag $4,100
A classic beige and black color combination looks chic on this large shopping bag.Chanel Gabrielle Purse $3,400Chanel Gabrielle Purse $3,400
This small bag is the perfect addition to just about any outfit.Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag $3,200Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag $3,200
Get ready to upgrade your ensemble with Chanel’s miniature Gabrielle bag.Chanel Gabrielle Backpack $3,000Chanel Gabrielle Backpack $3,000
A quilted backpack features dual silver and gold metal chains.

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