Chanel: Living In The Now With The J12 (Part 1)

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Remember that time back in 2014 when Chanel broke all traditions when it came to watch-display codes and launched the L’Instant campaign which focused on the J12’s watch hands not being on the traditional 10:10but rather on 08:10 and 16:30? Clearly showing Chanel’s strength in being bold and taking the first step in showcasing their very special version of time: Time According to Chanel.

Chanel has proved itself in being an industry leader in watchmaking, having won the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve for ‘Best Ladies Watch’ for the Premiere Flying Tourbillon back in 2012. And more recently, over at the Eve’s Watch Awards (a dedicated ladies’ watch awards event) in 2016, Chanel took home the coveted ‘Watch of the Year’ for Chanel’s Boy.Friend, making them the one-to-watch (and quite literally too) when it comes down to you making a choice in selecting a classic timepiece.VIDEO: CHANEL

As Time is something that once lost is irreplaceable, the need to keep track of it could not be more important. Thus, what better way to look chic while having a watch on your wrist that has excellent movement such as the now iconic J12?


The J12 is one watch that has captured the hearts of ladies (along with some boys, of course) with its modern and also timeless good looks. Dressed up or down, when it comes to the J12′s signature colours, you must admit how delightfully swish they look. Available in Black or White,both colours also come in options that are jazzed up with diamonds in place of the time indicators. And speaking of diamonds, the J12 extends further with the Exceptional line – a high jewellery watch collection that goes all out, from featuring tourbillon flying skeleton movements to a glorious excess of diamonds, diamonds and even more diamonds.

But before you start your new-found obsession with the J12, always remember this. A watch is about more than just keeping time. It functions as your commitment to Time, being responsible to always being on time, and cherishing time as you live in the now, enjoying every single moment of your life. Are you?

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Zenith unveils the Elite lady moonphase in colorful avatars

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Zenith is a name that is synonymous to the swiss culture of horological excellence. The brand has presented us with admirable time pieces’ time after time and it continues to do just that with the Elite Lady moonphase: the brand’s new ladies watch that is classy, sophisticated and available in a mirage of bright colors!

Forming part of the label’s revered Elite collection: the moonphase epitomizes feminism and a sheer amount of boldness through several hues – each of which pay an unsaid ode to the multiple dimensions of a woman’s personality. Housed in a stunning stainless steel case with a diamond steel bezel, the 33-mm piece presents original aesthesis and state of the art technology that can easily delight the hearts of women across the globe. The impressing piece boasts of an automatic Elite Caliber 692 bearing, a 50 + hours of power reserve and an ultra-thin movement that operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

The watch par excellence consists of 195 parts and is water resistant up to 50 meters. It also comes with an exhibition case back that enables the wearer to glimpse at its intricate mechanism that is powered by an oscillating weight emblazoned with a “Côtes de Genève” motif. The Zenith Elite Lady moonphase is available in Yellow, apple green, turquoise and red versions, each priced at USD $7,100. Ladies, let the cash roll, for this one’s certainly worth your watch collection!

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Fine horology meets F1 Tyre rubber- Roger Dubuis partners with Pirelli

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You might question a collaboration between a watch company and tire manufacturer but when the results are this good, we prefer not to! Roger Dubuis and Pirelli the Excalibur Spider Pirelli Automatic Skeleton, a race ready watch that combines a sleek aesthetic with sturdy materials. Just 88 such watches have been created.

The 25 mm case is made of black DLC titanium. The movement inside is the RD820SQ in-house calibre which consists of 167 parts and meets the requirements of the “Poinçon de Genève” certification. You’ll find bright blue accents on the mostly-black watch including the blue Astral Skeleton, the titanium crown and other blue elements on the dial. The most notable part though is the use of Pirelli tyres for the strap. Each strap features a code that matches the product code (like a serial number) of the tyre. In fact, the tyres used to create these watch straps will be from actual F1 cars.

Another product of the collaboration is the Excalibur Spider Pirelli Double Flying Tourbillon which also comes in that dramatic blue/black colorway. This watch is noticeably more complex with the new RD105SQ hand-wound calibre but it also features a vulcanized rubber strap from a Pirelli tire. Only 8 units have been created so the buyers will be treated to a two-day VIP program organised by Pirelli at one of their motorsport events.

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Art Deco Jewels: Perfect Symmetry

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Art Deco Jewels

With movies like Gangster Squad and The Great Gatsby coming out this year, I have the lavish Art Deco era on the brain. I’m in the mood for jewels designed with the grand, symmetrical style in mind. Its rich colors and glamorous exuberance bring an immediate sense of elegance to what you’re wearing. Jewels like these are so ornate and geometric that sometimes they look like beautiful maps that need deciphering.

Ben-Amun Ruby Deco Crystal Statement Necklace: This is the kind of necklace you would wear to a red carpet event. With white and ruby-colored Swarovkis, it shines like a dazzling chandelier, the centerpiece of your outfit. 

Rachel Zoe Deco Drop Earrings: The Art Deco style must have started with an OCD designer – the look is all about symmetry, but with the fabulous glitz, it’s never boring.

Badgley Mischka Ornate Deco Hinged Cuff: This piece is my favorite – an intricately bejeweled cuff that makes you forget that Art Deco was actually inspired by sterile Machine Age steel and glass.

Stephen Webster Pave Diamond Art Deco Ring: If you prefer your grandeur on a smaller stage, this Stephen Webster ring will give you the style and shape without all of the pomp and circumstance. 

Sabine Art Deco Medallion Bracelet: As they say, you don’t need to spend a million to look like a million. And approval from fashionistaOlivia Palermo isn’t exactly a bad endorsement.

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Dana Lorenz x Plukka: Spikes, Studs, and Striations

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Dana Lorenz x Plukka

My friend and jeweler extraordinaire Dana Lorenz has teamed up with Plukka to release a five-piece limited edition collection worthy of a rock goddess. I’ve always loved Dana’s statement-making fashion jewels, but now using diamonds, biker chains, studs, and spikes, her pieces have never looked more luxe. Made to order collection available at Plukka.

Sapphire & Spinel Pave Spike Link Bracelet: Electric blue sapphires kick start the current on these heavy paved links, but the black spiked pieces are the ones bringing the edge.

White Sapphire Pave Biker Chain Bracelet with Spike Gem Charms : A lot of the time, the name says it all: “biker.” But this is for no mere biker chain gang. There are all of 25 carats worth of semi-precious stones dripping from this bracelet. Look for that on your next Harley Davidson-riding babe and I can assure you, it won’t be there.

White Sapphire Pave Biker Chain Necklace with Spike Gem Clusters : This matching black rhodium necklace ups the ante to twice the carats.

Rutilated Quartz Crown Ring : Most of the time we’re searching for that perfectly clear stone, but the striations in this rutilated quartz remind us that flawed can be just as fabulous.

Rutilated Quartz, Lapis & Citrine Drop Earrings with Spikes: This is what I love about Dana – her ability to mix high and low. Here we have shimmering citrine and pave diamonds coming together with gold spikes and rutiliated stones.

Dana Lorenz x Plukka

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Royal Asscher Stars of Africa: Galaxies of Light

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Royal Asscher Stars of Africa

In 1902, Joseph Asscher invented the now famous Asscher cut, a stepped square style with cropped corners. While this remains one of the jewelry industry’s most beloved designs, his family didn’t stop there – they developed the Royal Asscher cut in 2001, naming it after their thriving diamond empire. The style plays off of the original only it has larger corners that create the appearance of an octagon. With the Royal Asscher’s latest collection, Stars of Africa, they’ve continued to innovate on a grand scale. My favorite pieces are the pendants, which look like galaxies of diamonds set inside orbs. I recently got dinner with Joseph’s granddaughter Lita (we have a mutual friend) and spent the whole time transfixed with her pendant.

The orbs spin on both the pink  and blue  necklaces, and the circles on the blue rotate, as well. The sight is breathtaking to say the least, and the rings  are a close second in the race to win my heart. I love cocktail rings, and this one is an heirloom investment I wouldn’t mind making soon! The earrings come with another galactic-sized price tag, but considering they sparkle as much as a diamond the size of the orb itself (which also spins), it’s completely justified. Need a little more prompting? Well, the name Stars of Africa comes from the family’s initiative of the same moniker,, education, and self-sufficiency programs in Sierra Leone. They’ve promised to donate at least $50,000 towards sending African students to the African Leadership Academy. Statement jewels for a statement-making cause – I just might have to indulge! Available at The Royal Asscher.

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