An A+ For Their Celine Replica Handbags and B – For Their Services

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Celine replica handbags are not very hard to replicate but what matters most is the quality of the leather and the attention to details. And is doing a great job with these knockoff handbags.

“Hi Eva,

I just received my Celine mini luggage tote from and I wanted to send photos along. Overall I think the quality of the leather and construction look amazing! Two gripes, it smells awful- like a bad chemical paint smell. Second, the hardware looks more like a rose gold than a yellow gold and it really is bothering me.

After researching the internet I came up with two solutions. For the smell, I am going to use a small box of baking soda for a week along with activated charcoal to suck up the smell. For the hardware I am going to use Krylon Premium gold leafing pen to touch up the hardware and make it more yellow.
I think after these are complete I will be 100% happy. Thoughts on my new bag?”

Celine Replica Handbags

Celine Replica Handbags

Celine Replica Handbags

Celine Replica Handbags

And here’s an update:

“I would love for you to post my review, I know there were a few girls that were also looking for a Celine luggage tote and I would totally recommend the site!

Something else to note that I forgot to mention. Communication was great up until the week when I was expecting my bag and didn’t get it the day I thought I should. The MLK holiday through me off, but when I emailed the company about how to track from their EMS site, they have still yet to get back to me. I ended up getting my bag so it doesn’t matter but it’s been about 4 days and no word. Maybe they tracked it and saw that I received so that is why they aren’t writing back. Just figured I would mention.


I’m really happy that you like the Celine bag. And you should because it looks really good. The stitching is even, the color is great, the protective bottom studs are a bit crooked but that’s not a major flaw.

The smell will go away in a couple of days, nothing to worry about. What I don’t like is the level of customer support services but let’s be optimistic and hope they’ll pay more attention to this.

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Replica Designer Handbags, Good But Not Great!

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I know a lot of you girls are wondering is a good replica designer handbags site. Well, this is the second review and apparently their knockoff purses aren’t that bad.

“Hi there,

Sending you hugs and best wishes for 2013…thanks a billion for all your hard work and advice, always going out of your way to retail-research for us…thank u thank u thank u..I started off my handies buys by ordering a Gucci Indy from Jessyvogue and am sooo happy with it…have attached some photos (hope they are clear enough)…the draw string is a bit tarnished but overall, I can get away with it lol…”

Gucci Replica Indy Handbag

Honey, you’re very welcome! I’m happy I could help! 

Your designer replica handbags are made of quality leather and the good news is that you can do something about the tarnished draw string. You can use a Krylon leafing pen, it will give a metallic finish that actual resembles metal plating.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever order from this site. I don’t trust knockoff sites which don’t accept credit cards as payment method. This is the first rule when buying replica bags, so you ‘all should be very careful.

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Valentino Gives Us All a Reminder That It’s More Than Just Rockstuds

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When a brand has a standout hit like Valentino has with its Rockstud bags and shoes, it can be hard for the average consumer to look beyond that and notice the depth of the brand’s offerings. Balenciaga often has that issue – everyone loves the Motorcycle Bags, and because they became so synonymous with what a Balenciaga bag will look like, some great pieces tended to get pushed to the margins and left relatively unappreciated. With his new Balenciaga Le Dix, Alexander Wang looks to be making sure that the face of the new Balenciaga is one that he’s created. In that spirit, it seemed only appropriate that the Valentino Intricate Soutache Tote got some love of its own, separate from the rest of the Valentino seasonal collection.

Valentino isn’t trying to take the spotlight off its Rockstud bags in the same way that Balenciaga is trying to take a non-Motorcycle step, of course, but I do appreciate that the brand’s accessories crew restrained itself from adding a studded element to these bags in some way, as Valentino does with nearly all of its accessories. I love Rockstuds as much as (if not more than) the next girl, but not everything needs to be Rockstudded. The ornate, tonal piping on the bag’s front panel is as close to leather filigree as anyone will probably ever get, and the subtly luxurious treatment is a perfect representative of the Valentino aesthetic.

On top of that, this bag wasn’t intended just to be admired – with its generous size and two handle options, the Soutache tote is clearly a workhorse. “Pretty” and “functional” don’t often meet in the middle, and the combination should make this bag a customer favorite. If you needed proof that Valentino isn’t just a one-trick Rockstud pony, this should do the trick. Unfortunately, it comes with quite the price tag.

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Kristin Cavallari Uses a Chanel Tote as a Baby Bags

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Here’s Kristin Cavallari carrying her baby Camden and a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (or the Chanel GST, for Chanel fans in the know) while heading to lunch in LA. This classic Chanel bag has been around forever – I just assume everyone who was ever on The Hillshas one in their collection, as they were a fairly Chanel-obsessed bunch. They probably would’ve never guessed back in 2006 that they’d one day be stuffing their Chanel bags with diapers and little Tupperware containers of Cheerios.

On a related note, I wonder if celeb moms will ever lose the leather jackets and embrace the baby sling. Sure, it obscures a good half of your outfit, but then your baby isn’t made anxious by paparazzi advances and other stimuli that come along with being attached to a someone of a certain amount of noteriety. (That’s pretty much everything, right?) I have yet to see a single celeb mama go whole hog and just wear their baby. It’s possible that Chanel or Louis Vuitton will 

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Oprah Winfrey is an Unexpected Mulberry Fan

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IT’S OPRAH! Oprah has been making the press rounds over the past week, giving interviews to networks and magazines which she does not own willy-nilly, which is rare for Oprah. Here she is leaving the CBS Morning Show studios, where she was promoting her new movie, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, carrying a lovely white leather Mulberry Willow Tote. Fun fact: that envelope front pocket detaches to become a clutch! Thus the purpose of the seemingly extraneous yet very functional zippers, which give it a nice contemporary pop. You can get Oprah’s bag in black for $2,600 at Net-a-Porter.

As you probably know, Mulberry bags are generally prized by young, twiggy British “It” Girls – the Alexa Chungs of the world, and those who want to dress like them. But while Oprah may stand a tad outside of Mulberry’s most visible demographic, the Willow is a great choice for her, as it’s definitely one of the brand’s most refined styles. It’s polished and neutral enough to go with practically any look.

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Headed to College or Grad School? Here are All the Tech Accessories You’ll Need

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Even though my last days on campus at the University of Georgia were as recent as 2008, a lot has changed, technologically speaking, in those intervening five years. My little flip phone, which was by far the preferred cell technology of college students at the time, had a battery life that my current iPhone can only dream of and so much exterior plastic that a case would have been redundant. Most of my classmates, who received their laptops at the beginning of their college careers in 2003 or 2004, couldn’t bear to lug those eight-pound behemoths around campus and settled for pen and paper, thus we required no laptop cases. An iPad wasn’t even a thing yet, not by a long shot. Going to college or grad school now requires a whole host of tech accessories, though, so we’ve stepped up to help 2013′s new and returning students with a guide to the season’s best tech accessories.

Below, we’ve assembled a group of ten products that will do everything from protect your laptop to keep your iPhone charged, and then some. If you want to use some of these pieces for non-school reasons, well, we can’t blame you. iPad cases are remarkably similar to clutches in some ways. In that spirit, we’ve tried to include attractive, well-made items that can be used beyond the classroom – after all, isn’t that a good way to get some bang for your accessories buck?

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