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It is said that this trend originated in the early 1980s the Hungarian city of Pecs (Pécs), local lovers in connection with the cathedral mosque on the fence line on the streets padlock symbol of love commitment. Cologne, Germany, is even more ancient tradition, couples will lock hanging on the bridge near the station Hohenzollern (Hohenzollern Bridge) on the gate, keys thrown into the Rhine bridge, a symbol of love forever.

LOUIS VUITTON Lock it Jewelry Collection

Serbia Most Ljubavi (Love Bridge) is a famous love locks attractions, this bridge has a reputation, is to commemorate the First World War before a female teacher and a soldier unrequited love story. Local girl in lock engraved with their lover's name and the lock hanging on the parapet, keys thrown into the river, do not grovel other women pray Valentine graces. I do not know when to begin, more and more couples from around the world will lock hanging on the famous landmark on the bridge, pray for love is even the same. It is said that Italian writer Federico Moccia's writings "Three metres above the sky" and "I Want You", so to Italians since 2007 in Rome Mi Weiqi bridge (Milvian Bridge) and Florence's old bridge (Vecchio Bridge) hang love lock.

New Lockit jewelry display

A few months later, this trend Huadu Paris blown romantic, artistic bridge (Pont des Arts) began to appear on the fence various forms of padlocks to 2010 Paris love locks have seen in the market over 5000. Korea Seoul Tower on the fence is also covered with love locks, the Administration should always put a new fence, so padlock blocking public views of the surrounding landscape. Moscow Cove Bridge (Loujkov Bridge) is set on a metal tree stand to lovers padlocks, tourists from around the world will have a padlock on the tree, forming a very strange city.
Fengyuan, Taichung train station next to the train bridge into a "Wishing Bridge", many people will wish to write on the lock hanging on the fence, and pray to find a partner or as soon as Everlasting Love. Station manager pointed out that the locals believe that a strong magnetic field generated when the train passes the padlock will be absorbed, but also help everyone wishes come true. Whether Moscow Cove Bridge cycads, Florence Old Bridge, China Huangshan Lotus Peak, Fengyuan, Taichung station, Paris, Pont des Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay Square fountain, Rome Mi Weiqi bridge, etc., showing love lock has become a common practice around the world, most recently Vancouver Island a hiking trail and  River Bridge (Humber Bridge) are beginning to emerge lover lock. Although many local municipal authorities try to perform shear locks or fine action, but still unimpeded around the world countless lovers on the bridge or landmark attractions hung lover lock to AU heart. Couples from around the world came to historical landmarks promise the promise of love, the journey will be a simple upgrade to the rich symbolism experience. LOUIS VUITTON lovers of the world presents Lockit jewelry series, witness sexual gratification, love eternal.

Wish to write the lock hanging on the fence, and pray to find a partner or as soon as Everlasting Love.

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